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Our Amaro was born in the early twentieth century, when one of our ancestors decided to prepare an elixir to give to relatives and friends at Christmas. Nonna Isola, so ‘was called the woman, has left us the precious recipe and today we decided to take it in hand and continue the tradition. This liqueur loved our friends so much that we decided to put it into production.

Its name derives from the fact that this elixir is not “bitter” as in general other bitters are, but rather sweet. It is therefore a “love of bitter”, that is “Amordamaro”.

Obtained by maceration of aromatic herbs in alcohol.
Color: dark, very dark.
Aroma: reminiscent of bitter orange, hawthorn, bergamot, notes of roasted coffee emerge. Original and truly intriguing, it recalls ancient fragrances, forgotten flavors.
Taste: warm, harmonious, soft and velvety, sweet.
Alcohol: 38%.
Gastronomy: excellent as a digestive at the end of the meal, as a correction of coffee to replace sugar or to garnish ice cream and semifreddos. You can also serve fresh (5 °) in hot seasons.
Aging in the bottle: three months
Quantity and format: 4,000 bottles (0.5)

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