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Brandy was born as a wine distillate, obtained for the first time by Arab alchemists in the 7th-8th century after Christ and used as a medicine; subsequently it spread first to Spain and Ireland and then to the rest of Europe.

Its current name derives from the Dutch brandewijn which means “burnt wine”, word passed in English as “brandywine”.

Obtained from the distillation of wine from Sangiovese grapes of the Fattoria Uccellierae produced and bottled by the Bonollo distillery
Color: Amber load with solar reflections
Perfume: Ethereal, very refined, extremely composite
Taste: Warm, harmonious with nuances of various woods in which aging takes place
Alcohol: 42%
Type of distillation plant: Discontinuous steam flow
Maturation: Minimum 8 years in various wood barrels
Aging in the bottle: six months
Packaging: 500 ml glass bottle

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