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It is said that distillation originated between
VIII and the VI century BC with the Egyptian people. The
Arabs learned this art when they conquered
Egypt. This practice continued until the Middle Ages e
in the Renaissance the first rose in Venice
“Corporation of the Acquavitieri”.

The term “grappa” derives from the German “Schnaps”
which literally means “brandy” or “distilled”
or more probably from the Piedmontese “rapa” o
from the Lombard “grapa”, both dialectal terms
which refer to the marc.
Obtained from the distillation of grape pomace.

Color Amber
Parfume in oak, nutmeg and vanilla
Taste Soft, velvety, warm and enveloping taste
Alcool 42%
Type of distillation plant Discontinuous steam flow
Vinacce grapes Chianti
Elevation one year in oak barrels
Aging in bottles for six months
Longevity oltre dieci anni
Serving temperature 18 – 20 °C
Quantity and Size 1,500 Bottles (0,5L)
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